Friday, January 24, 2014

FSC Swap Activities thru the Years (2011-2013)

I got introduced into Swapping Activites in the Netherlands scrapping forum Sketches4All owned by Fia Uiterwijk with Handmade Card Swap Activities as early as I got into their Design Team.  Later on, I got introduced into Artist Trading Card and more Handmade Card Swap Activities at a US online scrapping forum at My Sketch World as a Design Team Member also.

Here in our country, it was Pinoyscrapbookers who did introduce me to a locally themed Artist Trading Card Swap.


Being with the Filipino Scrapbookers Club, it was my turn to conduct Christmas Card Swaps and Artist Trading Card Swaps since 2011 when FSC was created as an FB Group.  I would hold Christmas Card Exchanges on the 1st 2 years at FSC.  And it was only last year that we first have a real Christmas Card Swap.  This was gladly taken off my hands and hosted by our very own FSC Admin, Gaye Lagula Niango.

 Some of the Christmas Cards in
the 2011 FSC Christmas Card Exchange
(from Kath Hernandez and Iris Babao-Uy)

Christmas Cards in
the 2012 FSC Christmas Card Exchange
(from Kath Hernandez and Melanie Anne B. Cheng)

All of the Christmas Cards in
the 2013 FSC Christmas Card Swap
(a joint activity between the Filipino Scrapbookers Club and
the Philippine Crafters Association)

1st Ever MINI ALBUM PAGE SWAP (2013)

It's FSC Admin Melanie Cheng's brainchild to be conducting the 1st ever Mini Album Page Swap at FSC.  I would hear of Mini Album Swaps (I saw one held at Pinoyscrapbookers in 2011).  And it was Melanie Cheng who thought of making a much easier swap with the end result of coming up a Mini Album for each of the Swap participants.

Here are our individual pages:

Melanie, painstakingly and was steadfast and got to work with asking each one of us swap participants to prepare numerous identical pages for each participant included in the activity.  Sent to Melanie, she tediously set out to swap page for page and had everything binded together and sent to each Mini album page participant.  Made with love and carefully binded with loving notes to each one of us, we are all proud owners of a Mini album with every page a souvenir from each participating swapper. 

Lovely idea indeed!!


It's the year 2013 that I decided to start hosting ATC swaps within the Filipino Scrapbookers Club.  This was seen by some FSC member who were also members of the Philippine Crafters Association.  And I remembered my promise of hosting craft swaps at PCA when PCA started in 2012.

Armed with the various mechanics learned from each international scrapping sites I did become a member of and those for which I served as a design team in pure leisure and scrappy enjoyment, here I am giving back to my country thru FSC.   I also took the liberty to hold it at PCA as well.  A joint activity between the Filipino Scrapbookers Club and the Philippine Crafters Association.  But I couldn't  just forget Pinoyscrapbookers - the group where I started locally swapping atcs.  So, this became a combined activity between 3 Filipino crafting groups.

Here are the list of the year-long ATC swaps conducted:

  1. Mother's Day ATC Swap (host: Kath)
  2. Father's Day ATC Swap (host: Kath)
  3. Back to School or Teacher's Day ATC Swap (host: Kath)
  4. Halloween Party ATC Swap (host: Kath)
  5. Christmas ATC Swap (host: Gaye)
Here are the photos of the various atcs created by the year-long non-stop activity:

5 Collaged Photos of ATCs from the Mother's Day ATC Swap

 5 Collaged Photos of ATCs from the Father's Day ATC Swap

Back to School ATCs in my collection

 Halloween Party ATCs in my collection


 Christmas ATCs from the Christmas ATC Swap
I hope you all loved looking thru all the photos of each atcs created for the year-long atc swap.
Thanks and regards!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FSCB Designers Christmas 2013 Activity

It's the 2nd Christmas, I celebrated with the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog (FSCB)'s Design Team. . . . getting to now the incoming 2014 DTs and saying our farewells to those who have decided to bid me and FSCB adieu.

Purely online up to this 2nd Christmas with the whole team, I'm glad to be sharing our project for Christmas 2013.  You know how mixed media has taken the scrapook world up by storm in the few years that had gone by.  You would notice lots of Art Journal page projects being shared by mixed media and scrapbook gurus here and abroad.

The previsous year for the FSCB was no exception or excuse for the Filipino scrappers to join the bandwagon. I have started an Art Journal of my own and I'm glad to be sharing it with the whole FSCB team.  Of course, I get to keep my Art Journal. hehehe ;-)

Fueled or inspired by the concept of Travelling Notebooks (TN)s at  I decided to have my Art Journal be A Travelling Art Journal (TAJ) for the FSCB team . . . . of course, only for those DTs willing to beautify and shed light to the pages of my Art Journal. 

The activity started rolling from October 2013 and was back home to me January 2014.

Here's the travelling route within Metro Manila of the Art Journal:  

Kath (Las PiƱas City) - Bessie (Malabon) - Ime (Manila) - Cabbie (Manila) - back to Kath

And here I am sharing the pages of my TAJ:

Kath's pages

 Bessie's pages

 Ime's pages

 Cabbie's pages

I hope you all liked looking thru the photos of all of the FSCB DTs who participated in my Travelling Art Journal Activity.   

Love to all my FSCB Design Team!! =)

- Kath