Monday, May 5, 2014

Workshops (1st Sem of 2014)

I have already missed several workshops this year, starting with Cecilia Atengco’s cards (Magnolia), the very first Lasting Impressions workshop for the year if memory serves, Ime Oranga’s Halloween and Christmas layout workshops for Gourdo’s, and the “Paper Doll” Scrapbook Day (Prima) organized by Christine Salceda Tica (for which I was invited by Hot Crafting Mama, Raisie Serrano, one of my friends from Scrapstash). Fortunately I finally had free time and Ms. Iris was kind enough to let me pay later (I later found out it was already the 4th batch so as to accommodate all participants). 

I came to Lasting Impresssions to find the place filled with people and every square inch of the tables occupied. So imagine my reaction when one of the more regular attendees remarked that he was glad that it wasn’t elbow to elbow like it usually was, making for a more relaxed atmosphere.

This time, among other things, Ms. Iris introduced the use of watercolor for stamping, which is good news for the budget conscious, and a welcome change of pace for those who have become jaded with how expensive quality scrapbooking materials are. She used Prang watercolors especially, for the metallic glitter. She also used ordinary acrylic paints and a sort of comb tool to simulate a grid effect. Which is great when you don’t happen to have a piece of wire mesh lying around.

She also introduced a new product, pan pastels. Quite similar to scrapbooking chalk but as vivid as make-up. And even better, it can be erased with an ordinary eraser, in case you make a mistake. Much to the dismay of a lot of people, it is not yet available in Manila.

Some other techniques of course the others already knew but I didn’t. Like the use of distress inks and its blender to make a colored border, which I first thought was painted with a brush. Combining paper tearing and brown ink nicely simulates a burnt border without the danger of the real thing. (Brings back high school days and classmates toasting the edges of their letters with candles.)

I thought distressed inks only had faded, darkish vintage colors but apparently there are quite bright cute pastels. With gesso it gives the prettiness of a freshly painted room.

On the other hand, yellow mist on blue paper gave the impression of wallpaper in an antique Victorian home.
And as always, you can count on Ms. Iris to use charms and flowers, which I added to my hoard with glee. (My precious…)

Apart from the techniques, I have always enjoyed getting ideas from my veteran co-attendees. Like one used a different stencil and another used a different stamp.

Definitely hoping that I’ll be able to attend more workshops soon.