Friday, April 3, 2015

2013-2014: A 2 Years Ender Report Summary

The year 2013 started for the Filipino Scrapbookers with a lot of optimism with lots of activities in store with both the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog's Design Team members and the Filipino Scrapbookers Administrators.

The Filipino Scrapbookers Clubs membership has reached over 1,000.  Likers of the Filipino Scrapbookers Artist Community Page has reached more than 300.


Various ties were formed with a few Groups in the Philippines - one of which is with the Philippine Crafters Association; Art Philippines; joining into Art Association of the Philippines.  These are aside from the few Scrapbook Stores present in the country and nationwide.

The year 2014 saw the first Artist Trading Card Contest, an atc challenge which was hosted under the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog.  This was held as a Valentine's Day activity opened to international atc participants.  Invitations were sent to international artist trading card communities (e.g.  This contest was in tandem with the on-going Artist Trading Card Swap Activities jointly hosted by both the Filipino Scrapbookers Club and the Philippine Crafters Association sealing the tie with Philippine Crafters Assn and forming international ties with atcsforall.

To view the Valentine's Day 2014 ATC Challenge / Contest, click HERE.

(To view the post on various Online Swap Activities by the Filipino Scrapbookers Club from years 2011-2013, visit and click HERE.)

Plans were drafted together with a member of Art Philippines (ArtPhi) and Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) on Filipino Scrapbookers bringing in Art appreciation of paintings, sculptures and other forms of visual arts of Philippine National Artists by having these as challenge inspirations in creating respective scrapbook layouts / LOs and handmade to digital cards.

This was slated to go live July 2014, but sadly the activity or project didn't took off as Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog said their farewell earlier on March 2014.

Next would have been holding an Art Exhibit by the Filipino Scrapbookers.  This has remained an idea and concept for the time being up to this day.


In the early years of the Filipino Scrapbookers Club, scrapbook groups in the Philippines were came together to turn into and formed Filipino Scrapbookers.

Under the Filipino Scrapbookers, which is now represented by a united Facebook Artist Community page, are:

Filipino Scrapbookers Club;
Filipino Scrappin' Moms
All About Scrapbooking
Hallmark (HCI)
National Bookstore
Various Project Life Groups in the Philippines
Pinoy Digital Scrappers

We have strived to inform members, followers and likers of the Filipino Scrapbookers' Artist Community Facebook page of the various activities of various groups that have come together under Filipino Scrapbookers.  We apologize, if we have been not able to disseminate or shared the postings under the Artist Community page to the various Facebook groups of the groups enumerated or mentioned above.


Tie ups with scrapbooks stores are also shown as various Scrapbook artist - may they be former Design Team members of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog or not - perform, hold or conduct workshops here and around the country.  These are with the likes of Iris Babao-Uy, Ime Oranga, Gem Blanco and other more groups like Life Documented Manila and Project Life Manila.

Scrapbook store tie ups are with:

Lasting Impressions
Memory Lane Store
Gourdo's Store

We are glad to announce activities held and conducted by the above afore-mentioned scrapbook stores.

(To read on - a Bird's Eye View of Various Scrapbook Workshops held in the Country in year 2013, click HERE.)


The early years of the Filipino Scrapbookers saw Bessie del Rosario together with her scrapbook mates - Karen Ngo and Sharon Plantilla-Chua held and conduct free workshops for outreach programs for calamity stricken areas of the country by typhoons.

These were held in Memory Lane Shop and Lasting Impressions.  A free workshop to solicit canned goods, basic needs by evacuees that were displaced by various typhoons at certain periods of time in the past years.

Aside from Bessie's group, the group of Christine Salceda-Tica heralded various outreach programs making use of Christine's know-how in the art and craft of scrapbooking together with her Hillcrest family and Harris Ministry in spreading the word of God.  Conducted were free scrapbook workshops for kids during the Christmas Holiday and outreach program to the Correctional Institute too.

Ces de la Cruz together with CheChe Cablao, has also organized outreach programme with the help of the jointly hosted artist trading cards online activity between Filipino Scrapbookers Club and Philippine Crafters Assn.  They held a Christmas Gift-Giving Programme for the Kanulangan ni Maria (Home for the Aged) last Christmas 2014.  Aside from these, they were able to donate to the Autism Society in earlier conducted artist trading card activities.

Thank you so much for the likes of Bessie David del Rosario's group, Christine Salceda-Tica's group and Ces de la Cruz' group for giving the art and crafts of scrapbooks, atcs and tags alive and an instrument in the delight of the Lord and for the country!


We were a young community in years 2011 and 2012, and yet Craft Time Magazine saw us as a promising community that could help spread the love for the arts and crafts of scrapbooking and of spreading more community love in the little that we do.

To read more on the feature, click HERE.


As a fitting tribute to the community, I went on ends and length to produce and self-publish books documenting the Filipino Scrapbookers activities and projects:

To view the 1st 2 Filipino Scrapbookers books printed, click HERE

The 3rd and final Filipino Scrapbookers book was only printed this 1st Quarter of year 2015, covering July 2013 up to December 2014.
{photo below}

To view the Filipino Scrapbookers Album of the 3 Books, click HERE.

Aside from these, self-published postcards under my hobby Creo by Lady Katutz was made underway.  Though for personal use, these postcards were printed and shared internationally thru postcrossing activities with other cards making its way into maxicards with Philippine Philatelic and all the way to Singapore Philatelic Museum, working not only for my hobby with Creo by Lady Katutz but also as a fitting tribute to the Filipino Scrapbookers Community.

As an addition, an on-going personal project of mine still under my hobby Creo by Lady Katutz, is personalized postage stamp printing with Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLpost/PHILpost).  Striking 2 activities with one effort - a tribute for Filipino Scrapbookers and in celebration of a milestone year of my hobby Creo by Lady Katutz.  Efforts are on-going for the postage stamp printing to be realized which also falls under Philately.

To view, a post on the initial postage stamp sheet design format, click HERE.

To view the Souvenir Sheet design, click HERE.